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Dave Ottoson

David C. Ottoson

David C. Ottoson, Senior Consultant


  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies - University of Regina, 1972
  • Advanced Certificate of Science, Computer Science - University of Regina, 1977
  • Over 34 Years of Industry Experience (more than 15 years with Agriculture Canada)
  • Systems Expertise: OpenVMS, Windows (9x, NT, 2K, XP), DOS, Linux

Employment History

  • Business Analyst, Saskatchewan Telecommunications, July 2004 to Present

  • Consultant , Excel Consulting Ltd., Regina, Sask., November 1996 to Present

  • Self Employed Communications Consultant, Regina, Sask. (11 years)

  • Support Analyst in various positions with Agriculture Canada Ltd., (15 years)

System Support

  • Operating Systems: OpenVMS, Unix (Linux, SCO, DEC, System V), DOS, and Windows
  • Hardware Configuration and Support (X86 PC, Mac, VAX, and Alpha Systems)
  • Multi-Media Personal Computer Systems (Windows based Multimedia Hardware & Software)
  • System Management and Operations support for most systems, strongest in OpenVMS, DOS and Windows

Network Support

  • Network Support Services: Planning, Implementation, and Support for Local and Wide Area Networks
  • Network Operating System Support: Microsoft Networks, Digital PATHWORKS, Novell NetWare
  • Multi–Vendor Network Integration and Support for: TCP/IP, DECnet, SNA, BSC Networks
  • Internet Connectivity Services: Planning, Implementation and Support, including Firewalls
  • Local Area Networks Configuration and Support: Ethernet/802.x, Hubs and Switches
  • Extended-LANs, and LAN-to-LAN Connectivity: Bridges, Switches, Routers, Gateways, Terminal Servers

Application Support

  • Help Desk Planning & Support (Multi-user OpenVMS and PC based systems and applications)
  • Systems Analysis, Design through Implementation, and Support: Windows, DOS, Unix, VMS, RSX
  • Software Development, Languages: BASIC, C, COBOL, dBASE, FORTRAN, Assembler, PASCAL, others.
  • Applications Installation and Support : Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Graphics, and Publishing
  • Office Automation, Electronic Mail and Other Internet Applications Support

Other Services

  • Part Time or Temporary Staffing for projects or vacation coverage
  • Personalized Training for Technical and Non-Technical System Users
  • Product Acquisition Services from Selection through Evaluation and Implementation
  • Documentation Writing and Maintenance Services
  • Disaster Management and Recovery Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Strategic Business Planning Services
  • Technology Planning Services
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